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March 16, 2021

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Dr. Brian Fuss, Policy and Program Director, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

Brian Fuss, Ph.D., is the policy and program director at the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, a statewide coalition working to provide leadership and a common voice for policies, practices, and resources to ensure that all Pennsylvanians, especially those with low incomes, have access to safe, decent and affordable homes. Brian brings over twelve years of advocacy, policy, and program experience in the nonprofit sector to this position. Much of his work has been in healthcare, collaborating with vulnerable and disenfranchised individuals and communities to ensure more equity.


Steven Luxton, Executive Director and CEO, Energy Coordinating Agency

Steven Luxton is the Executive Director/CEO of the Energy Coordinating Agency and has been working in the residential energy efficiency industry for close to three decades. He has worked in numerous energy efficiency programs as a program manager, Technical Director and Chief Operating Officer. Additionally, he co-developed a national energy audit software program as well as serving as a National Training Director. Steve has co-authored a residential energy efficiency manual, “Empowering Energy Savings Nationwide” and has appeared on many radio and TV shows, including both CBS Early Show and ABC’s Good Morning America as an energy expert, providing information on how homeowners can save energy in their homes.


Peter Buck, Academic Programs Manager, Penn State Sustainability Institute

Peter Buckland manages academic programming for Penn State’s Sustainability Institute. He connects and catalyzes faculty, staff, students, and the public to imaginatively integrate sustainability into academics, outreach, operations, and research. He supports programming with competencies-based reviews and revision for majors, minors, courses, and units, guest-teaching, and faculty development, as well as strategic support for emerging initiatives that cross traditional academic and disciplinary boundaries. Peter also serves as the President of the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium.

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