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PERC LISTSERV (email contact)

The intent of the PERC LISTSERV is to provide a useful and informative means of communicating with PERC members and others interested in sustainability in higher education and the leadership role that higher education can play in increasing sustainability. Although PERC encourages membership in the Consortium, you do not need to be a member or sponsor to join our LISTSERV.  Please review the LISTSERV Usage Policy below before subscribing.

How to subscribe to the PERC Listserv

To sign up for the PERC LISTSERV send a blank email to this address: .
No subject or message text is required. The system picks up the name and address from the e-mail headers.

How to email the list

Once you have subscribed (paragraph above), you can send a list to other members of the LISTSERV by sending an email to this address... 


Please review the Usage Policy below before posting.

How to unsubscribe

Remove yourself for our mailing list by sending a blank email to:
Again, no subject or message text is required.

PERC Listserv Usage Policy

Respect for All Participants
It is expected that list members will respect the views of others on the list in all online conversations, regardless of how different the others’ views are from their own.
  • Expressing opposing points of view can be done with consideration for the feelings of others. If you are upset and want to respond to a controversial posting, a good suggestion is to wait a day before sending your response.
  • Use of profanity or derogatory comments is not appropriate. Lively and candid exchanges are encouraged; however, subscribers agree that they have read and will comply with the following rules and guidelines.

Postings: Specific Types of Posts

Working Teams

PERC’s working teams are encouraged to use the LISTSERV to further the stated goals of their particular team.


Discussions around topics related to PERC's mission are encouraged.

Requests for information

Users may use the LISTSERV to solicit information from other schools relevant to particular kinds of sustainability projects. PLEASE ASK RESPONDENTS to RESPOND DIRECTLY TO YOU and not the entire list. As you receive responses to your query, collect them for two or three days, and then forward all the responses received in one email to the entire listserv. To facilitate the process, please include your email address in the body text of your request.


Announcement of events at higher education institutions that relate to environmental work or sustainability ARE appropriate. Events not held at higher education institutions should be directly relevant to the mission of PERC.


Webinars announced on this
LISTSERV should be directly relevant to the mission of PERC.


The publicizing of job announcements via the LISTSERV is appropriate.


Posting of communications whose primary intent is to sell a service or product is strongly discouraged. Posting that are primarily educational or informational that include references to commercial products or services are welcome.

Political Content
Use of this

for any communication that could be construed in any way as support for or opposition to any candidate for a federal, state or local public office is prohibited.

Chain letters
Posting chain letters IS NOT appropriate. This refers to any type of chain letter, whether it is a money-making letter, a petition, or a "feel good" letter.

Personal messages
It IS NOT appropriate to post to the entire list a message of a personal nature intended for one person. Simply send such a message to the person him- or herself.

Postings: General

Subject lines
To help other members screen messages that may be on topics of interest to them, use a short phrase in your subject line that describes the topic or topics included in your message.
Short responses
In general, PERC discourages the sending of one-line responses or other responses that do not add substantively to the discussion.
Long responses
If you are responding to a long message, it is best to cut out those parts of that message that are not relevant to your response.
It is helpful and courteous to "sign" your message or to include your signature with every message.

Disclaimers and Legal Rules

  • PERC is not responsible for the opinions and information posted on PERC LISTSERV(s) ; postings represent the viewpoint of the writer and are not endorsed by the PERC. Anonymous postings are prohibited.
  • Sexual harassment; use of defamatory language; dissemination of materials in violation of copyright and other intellectual property laws; and other activities prohibited by law are prohibited on PERC LISTSERV(s) .
  • By subscribing to a PERC LISTSERV, you agree to release and indemnify PERC from legal actions and penalties arising from messages you post on the LISTSERV.
  • PERC reserves the right to monitor this LISTSERV and users of the LISTSERV do not have a personal right of privacy in any messages in the LISTSERV , including messages marked “privileged,” “confidential,” etc.
  • PERC and/or the LISTSERV manager reserve the right to make changes and modifications to this LISTSERV and these disclaimers, terms, and conditions at any time for any reason. LISTSERV members will be notified, however, when such changes occur.
  • In the event that any violations of the rules listed above, or other activities that violate the law or jeopardize the PERC’s tax-exempt status, are brought to the PERC’s attention, PERC will take appropriate action, at its discretion.
  • PERC reserves the right to terminate, without prior notice, the LISTSERV access of any user who does not abide by this policy.

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