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2014 PERC Student Sustainability Symposium
  End of the Day Session Notes 
Dickinson College
March 21st, 2014

The Symposium featured seven student-proposed and student-led roundtable discussions collectively involving the 100-plus students attending.  The video above features a brief glimpse of those discussions.  Roundtable topics and organizer names are directly below. Notes from the end of the day session are included here. For PDFs of the presentations offered at the symposium, go here.  A look at the poster session is available here.


Roundtable Discussion I 
Promoting Sustainable Initiatives in the Face of Obstacles
Organizer: Michelle Velez, Villanova University 

Fossil Fuel Divestment – How to Start, Engage and See Victories
Organizers: Christine Burns and Cora Swanson, Dickinson College 
• Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship – A Critical Analysis or Our Community Voice. 
Organizers: Zachary Kaiser and Gibson Holland, Dickinson College 

Using Dialogue to Bridge Gaps – How We Talk about Sustainability
Organizers: Tania Marinos and Shireen Montgomery, Dickinson College 

Roundtable Discussion II 
Encouraging Interdisciplinary Collaboration as Part of Sustainability Practices.
Organizer: Gina Mucciolo, Chatham University 
Keystone XL: Meaning and Consequences for Climate Change Politics
Organizer: Connor Shields, Dickinson College 

The Challenges of Initiating Behavior Change through a Campus Energy Challenge
Organizers: Mackenze Burkhart & Brady Hummel, Dickinson College

Notes from Final Discussion 

 Courtesy of Anna McGinn of Dickinson College

-Database about big sustainability projects

-if there was a database of all of our work- how would you use it? how would we build off of this?

-projects submissions from PERC is a great baseline

-should include the challenges, your experiential learning experiences

-universal platforms to get info out there

-save, time, energy, and redundancy

-you have the legs and you just have to have to make it place specific

-put powerpoint presentations and 

-contact information for students in the database too (that might be a challenge because students change so often)- that is a way to get quick information

-include grants in this database as well

-this can be based off of the PERC website

open forum to continue discussion had today at the roundtable

-facebook group

-student PERCalator

-way to bounce ideas off of each other

-open dialogue

-one Facebook group instead of one for each of these discussions

-platform for informal communication

-support each other with sending links and information

-facebook allows other students to get involved as well because we can spread what is going on here to other students who

-you can share PERC events on Facebook and more students will hear about it


-make groups for different roundtables within the main group

-be aware of different levels of knowledge when you post

-have a google docs

-linked in PERC group

-PERC company page

Who wants to run this? students, admin…

-admin have the contact info of the people here

-1 student from each of the PERC school to be the student rep (they work with the database)

-relay info and make sure that info goes smoothly through channel

-there is a lot of student turn over- so admin should set it up

-Justin will be the rep for dickinson 

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