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PERC's funding comes from a variety of sources, most importantly member school dues and corporate sponsorships. PERC is comprised of dues-paying member institutions and other affiliated schools. Legacy schools that do not pay PERC dues are considered PERC “affiliate” schools. PERC Member Schools are eligible for a host of benefits not available to Affiliate Schools. People from both member and affiliate schools receive publicity regarding PERC events and other news and participate in PERC teams. For a broader view of PERC's mision, vision and work, download a PDF of Valuing our Future.

Membership Benefits

  • Benefits applies to all registered staff and faculty from an Member Institution.
  • Free registration for all PERC Conferences and Workshops. This applies to ALL faculty and staff of the Member Institution.
  • Free participation in the PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge.
  • Free PERC Webinars. This applies to ALL faculty and staff of the member institution.
  • Only members are approached about research grant participation
  • Participation in bulk purchasing. (Like the wind-power purchase program that PERC brought about with its member schools and Community Energy.)
  • Members can highlight your institution's participation in this statewide sustainability organization by displaying the Member Institution logo (above) on their website.
  • PERC Member-only partner opportunities.  For example, PERC Member Schools enjoy unique access to PERC-Member-only scholarships to the  weeklong EnergyPath conference and workshops, valued at over $1500 each.
  • Each member school may deploy their own page on PERC's site to inform prospective students, other schools and the media and public about the "green" activities at their school.
  • You influence priorities and programming.  Under the by-laws, each school has a vote in all major PERC decisions. To increase each Member School's voice in the organization,  PERC has instituted Member Connection, a periodic conference call between PERC and each Member School.
  • Full profile displayed in the member directory for each PERC associate from each Member School. This directory is an "experts" database promoting inter-campus collaboration as well as a resource for media looking for environmental experts.
  • Access to certain members-only content on the website.
Affiliate Schools
  • Each person at a PERC affiliate schools pays for each PERC event—typically around $100 per webinar and $250 per conference/ workshop per person.  
  • PERC affiliates have no voting rights to determine the direction and content of PERC. 
  • PERC affiliates will not participate in PERC-initiated bulk purchasing 
  • PERC affiliates will not be invited to participate in PERC multi-school research grants.
  • PERC affiliates are ineligible for partner value-add programs (for example, the EnergyPath scholarships.)
Many schools can justify the outlay of dues based solely on saved registration fees for PERC conferences and webinars. Or the dollar value of PERC partner programs like the EnergyPath scholarship. Others see the potential for research or bulk-purchasing.  In the end, supporting PERC means supporting a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate on sustainability on a statewide basis.

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