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Student Organized Event: 2nd Annual Student Environmental Retreat

  • 20 Oct 2012
  • Cowen Conference Center, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
2nd Annual Environmental Retreat

A Student Initiated Event:
On October 20, a student-initiated, student organized event, the 2nd Annual Environmental Retreat, will be held at Cowen Conference Center near Bucknell University. Multiple liberal arts schools from central Pennsylvania have been invited to present and discuss environmental issues and initiatives on their respective campuses. The speaker for this event is Kevin Heatley of Biohabitats Inc. He will be discussing many of the strategies he helped implement on college campuses to improve sustainability and relate that to the problems college students are still facing. The end goal of the retreat is for each school to create action plans for future implementation with the help of Kevin Heatley.

Kevin Heatley is a professional restoration ecologist with the national ecological consulting firm - Biohabitats Inc. Biohabitats is a recognized leader in the fields of restoration ecology, conservation planning, and regenerative design. At Biohabitats, Mr. Heatley oversees a variety of projects located across the United States. These projects involve; invasive species suppression, marsh restoration, forest sustainability, carbon sequestration analysis, landscape characterization and ecological planning. He has assisted numerous educational institutions in advancing their sustainability goals.

Mr. Heatley possesses a Master's in Environmental Pollution Control from Penn State and is a LEED accredited professional. A resident of north central PA., he currently serves as a science advisor to the Responsible Drilling Alliance, a non-profit citizens group dedicated to understanding the full ramifications of unconventional natural gas drilling.

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