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Member School Program: Climate Modeling and Data Tools Workshop

  • 08 Aug 2011
  • 11 Aug 2011
  • Dickinson College, Carlisle PA

The Climate Modeling and Data Tools Workshop is the second of two programs offered by Dickinson College this summer to enhance competencies for interdisciplinary teaching about climate change. The Climate Modeling and Data Tools Workshop will be held August 8 – 11, 2011.  The workshop offers 4 days of training in the use of a global climate model and tools to integrate and visualize climatic, environmental, and socioeconomic data for teaching about climate change. The climate modeling part of the workshop will guide participants in the use of EdGCM, a software package that integrates a NASA research quality computer climate model with an easy to use interface for running climate model experiments and hypothesis testing. The data tools portion of the workshop will develop capacity for using spatial analysis tools and build familiarity with selected NASA and other datasets for teaching about climate change and human-environment interactions.

The program is supported by a NASA Global Climate Change Education grant and there is no fee for participation (participants provide their own lodging and travel expenses.)

Applications are invited from faculty in any discipline from any college or university and are due April 1st, 2011. To learn more and apply, visit the workshop page

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