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Member Connection

  • 24 Mar 2011
  • 30 Apr 2011
  • Conference Calls with Individual Schools

Member Connection--Building the Bond
Stepping StonesMember Connection is a PERC initiative designed to give each Member School a voice in the organization and to  build the connection between PERC and its Member schools.  In the process we will, via conference call, open a conversation to better understand what’s going on regarding sustainability at each of our Member schools--and to raise awareness of existing PERC programs.  During the call, we will talk about the challenges you face and the successes you are having and who is doing what in terms of sustainability on campus (and in the community).  The more we understand about each school’s individual situation, the stronger the organization can be as a whole. 

To participate: any Member school can schedule a one hour conference call with Josh Hooper, PERC's Executive Director and and any and all interested people from your school.  Calls are currently slotted between March 8th and April 30th.  To get a spectrum of input, we  suggest that the Member School have three or more people on the line during the call.  We’ve reserved 10 times on the following Doodle.
Take one of the times if you like.  Or, if it’s easier, send Josh Hooper two or three suggestions that work for you and I’ll get back to you with a time.  Once the date and time is selected, we'll email you a "conversation-starter" document --a rough framework for the call. Member Connection is limited to PERC Member schools.

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