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A PERC Workshop: Carbon Pricing in Higher Education: Bringing Campuses into the Dialog

  • 06 Jan 2017
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • The Inn at Swartmore, 10 S Chester Rd, Swarthmore, PA
  • 14

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Directions to The Inn at Swarthmore

Conference Handout

This don't-miss workshop will focus on internal carbon pricing in institutions of higher education. Using colleges, universities, and businesses that already have internal carbon prices as case studies, we will explore the benefits of and challenges involved in implementing an internal carbon price. 

The workshop will examine different models for internal carbon prices, including models adopted by Yale, Vassar and Swarthmore. Also covered: how to build campus support and buy-in for a carbon price, and how it can be used as an educational tool and a possible internal funding source. We will support attendees in developing a plan to explore an internal carbon price at their home institution. 

Swarthmore Sustainability Director Aurora Winslade gave an overview of carbon pricing at PERC's fall conference in October. If you were there, you saw her presentation and know what an intriguing idea this is. If you missed it, you can download it now to get a glimpse of the way this idea could work on your campus.


10:00 Check-in and networking

10:30 Opening comments & group introductions

11:30 Economics of carbon pricing

Professor Jennifer Peck will discuss different models of carbon pricing policies, the economic and environmental impacts of those policies, and the social cost of carbon.

12:00 The national landscape & the role of higher ed. in building political will for carbon pricing

12:30 Lunch and facilitated discussion

Over lunch, join themed tables to discuss shadow pricing, internal carbon pricing, national carbon pricing, and advocacy work.

1:15 Internal carbon pricing models

Learn about the internal carbon pricing models used at Yale, Vassar, and Swarthmore, how they were established, and what impacts they’ve had.

2:15 Carbon pricing endorsement efforts

Learn about efforts to leverage the social and political capital of higher education towards national and state level carbon prices.

2:25 Workshopping

Develop a week-by-week plan to build a team, design a proposal, get buy-in, and ultimately enact an internal carbon pricing system.

4:15 Closing remarks

5:00 Happy hour!


Participants will…

  • Learn about the political landscape for carbon pricing and the role that higher education can play
  • Learn how different national carbon pricing systems function, including:
    • Cap-and-trade
    • Simple carbon fee
    • Fee-and-dividend
  • Learn how different internal carbon pricing systems function, including:
    • Carbon charge to fund campus sustainability (Swarthmore)
    • Shadow price (Vassar and Swarthmore)
    • Modeling carbon pricing mechanisms (Yale)
  • Plug in to efforts in higher education to build political will for national and state carbon prices
  • Build relationships amongst higher education faculty and staff interested in carbon pricing
  • Leave motivated and prepared to advocate for carbon pricing at their home institution

Thanks to PERC Member Institutions and to all of PERC's sponsors for helping to make this and other PERC events happen. PERC Sponsors include: Sodexo, Schneider Electric, Altenex, NextEra and more. 

Join us for an in-depth look at the exciting possibilities of implementing an internal price on carbon on your campus.

OPTIONAL: Participants are invited to gather for a cash-bar Happy Hour after the event.

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