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College and Community: Connecting on Climate

  • 05 Feb 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Rachel Carson Building, 400 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA. 2nd Floor Auditorium. Park in the 5th Street Garage, corner of 5th and Market Streets.
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Reminder: this event takes place in the Rachel Carson Building, 400 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA, in the 2nd Floor Auditorium. Closest parking is in the 5th Street Garage, corner of 5th and Market Streets, entrance is on the 5th street side. (Go one block past the Rachel Carson Building, turn left on 5th and turn left into the garage.)

Check-in starts at 8:30 and the event starts at 9am.  We suggest you allow extra time for parking and the walk from the parking garage, etc.

Agenda document: We will have paper copies, but we invite you to download the agenda in advance of the event.

A program on creating a partnership between the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium (PERC), Pennsylvania Higher Education and State Government on Supporting Local and County Government on Climate Change, GHG Emissions Reductions Strategies and Resilience/Adaptation Programs.

With identified speakers from DEP, DCNR, EPA, the PA State Association of Boroughs, the PA Municipal League as well as higher ed, this will be a working meeting to discover and report on the existing programs of collaboration between higher ed and municipalities on climate mitigation and/or resilience. We will hear from stakeholders to discover needs and challenges to make this kind of program viable and replicable. 

The goal of this meeting is to develop a program on community outreach by higher education in Pennsylvania on climate change mitigation and resilience. The planned agenda for the day includes:

  • Panel 1: Current PERC School Activities on Climate Change Community Outreach
  • Panel 2: Local Government Leadership on Climate Change Issues in Pennsylvania Local Governments
  • Panel 3. Leadership on Climate Change GHG Emissions Reduction Planning and Strategies from the US and Other Communities Around the World
  • Panel 4. Adaptation and Resilience Work at the Local Government
  • Lunch--on your own, in Harrisburg.
  • Panel 5. Support for the PERC/State Partnership on Local Government Climate Change Programs from Local Government Organizations in Pennsylvania
  • Panel 6. Interest in the Program From Pennsylvania State Government and EPA
  • Next Steps Brainstorming Session

Please note that minimal registration fee ($10 for Members and Sponsors) does not include lunch this time. Lunch will be on your own in Harrisburg. 

To be discussed during the meeting:

• A review of existing programs on community outreach on climate change and sustainable energy among PERC schools. 

• Identify the kinds of programs that higher education could engage in that could be of value to local and county governments on climate change and sustainable energy.  These programs could, for instance, include:

Assistance with ghg inventories and strategies by local and county governments

Student engagement with local or county governments to determine what role students could play in moving toward sustainable energy/ 

Development of more sustainable regional and local  transportation programs

Mass purchases of efficient lighting and energy technologies 

Education programs for  citizens,  local, and regional  governments about leading local and regional government programs on climate change and sustainable energy around the world

• Discussion of the PERC program concept on these issues.

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