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Building Sustainability from the Inside Out

  • 14 May 2015
  • 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
  • Online
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Building Sustainability 
from the Inside Out
A FREE-for-PERC-Members Webinar based on
"the best workshop...ever"

Lessons Learned at Penn State on Making the Case for Strategic Sustainability Planning 
and Measuring the Results

Are you finding it a challenge to get people engaged in sustainability initiatives? Too often, sustainability initiatives are implemented from “outside in”--and the people who should be engaged are instead resistant. When you can work from the “inside out,” the perception changes and people start to own their responsibility for increasing sustainability.

Whether you are a sustainability officer, a member of your institution’s green team, or in the highest levels of administration on your campus, if you want to move sustainability forward more effectively, this webinar was designed with you in mind. 

This webinar is a condensed version of a workshop developed by Penn State’s Sustainability Institute and presented in a variety of higher education venues including the 2015 Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference, where one participant, Bill Brown, University Director of Sustainability at Indiana University, deemed it the “best workshop I ever attended."

This webinar will:

  • give an overview of the strategic rationale for sustainability planning, 
  • help attendees see the relevance to sustainability at their workplace, 
  • provide a means for strategy development and goal setting, and 
  • discuss a process for implementation, measurement, and tracking. 

The approach: present sustainability as a strategic enabler that helps individual departments in an institution achieve their goals. 

Presenters Jeremy Bean and Erik Foley will share a set of tools that they created and the facilitation techniques that have enabled them to help professionals from any area of higher education find the connection between their mission and sustainability. 

The presenters will share the backstory of sustainability planning at Penn State, why the Sustainability Planning Guidebook was created, and the role it has played thus far. Participants will hear about what was learned along the way and the need for facilitative leadership.  Most importantly, participants will have the opportunity to consider how they can use the tools and resources for sustainability planning in their institution.


  • Jeremy Bean, Assistant Director of Sustainability Planning, Sustainability Institute
  • Erik Foley, Managing Director, Sustainability Institute 

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