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Member School Event: Earth Day Keynote Horton/ Rosier and Stein

  • 22 Apr 2015
  • Villanova University-Connelly Cinema
The Politicization of Climate Change
Earth Day Keynote Address

Dr. Ben Horton, Dr. Paul Rosier, and Dr. Susan Stein

Dr. Ben Horton is a world renowned geologist whose research focuses on understanding how sea-levels have changed in the past, and the factors that will determine future changes in sea-level. He is a professor at Rutgers University, he has published well over 100 scientific articles, and he is a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), among many other achievements. Dr. Horton will be joined by Dr. Paul Rosier from Villanova University Department of History with expertise in environmental history, and Dr. Susan Stein, an expert on the public perception of science and science journalism. Dr. Horton will briefly outline his research on sea-level rise and the process of conducting science, and then the panel will discuss how climate change science has been politicized, the important role that science plays in society, and public perceptions of climate change and science in general.

At Connelly Cinema on the Villanova University Campus.  

Anyone from any PERC school is invited to attend.

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