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This page features upcoming events of interest to PERC member and affiliated schools as well as PERC's corporate sponsors and others interested in increasing sustainability in Pennsylvania.  Both PERC events and PERC member-initiated events are featured here.  You can also register online here for PERC events.  NOTE: To take advantage of PERC Member/Sponsor pricing on PERC events, you must LOGON so the system will display the reduced pricing during registration.
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Upcoming events

    • 08 Jan 2016
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Health and Human Development Building, University Park Campus Penn State Univ.
    • 95

    "the best workshop...ever"

    Lessons Learned at Penn State on Making the Case for Strategic Sustainability Planning 
    and Measuring the Results

    We want people to change, but often for the wrong reasons. As people working on organizational change towards sustainability, we all know change is needed. Our combined environmental and social challenges require changes of every institution, business and community.

    Erik Foley and Jeremy Bean of Penn State's Sustainability Institute have discovered a simple truth about sustainability: people will change for their reasons, not yours.  

    So how do we help people find their reasons?  And how do we harness them to solve environmental and social issues?

    Too often, sustainability initiatives are implemented from “outside in”--and the people who should be engaged are instead resistant. When you work from the “inside out,” the perception changes and people start to own their responsibility for increasing sustainability.

    Whether you are a sustainability officer, a member of your institution’s green team, or in the highest levels of administration on your campus, if you want to move sustainability forward more effectively, this workshop was designed with you in mind. 

    In 2012, Penn State's Sustainability Institute had a rare opportunity to answer these questions. Every department and every campus was required to incorporate sustainability into their strategic planning.

    This was quite an opportunity, if they could take advantage of it. Plans create budgets which fund priorities which create the activity of the department. But people wouldn't just magically stumble on their reasons for engaging with sustainability. They needed guidance.

    SI's Erik Foley describes the experience: "We discovered a simple, but powerful process for finding people's reasons to engage with and ultimately own sustainability. We will share this process and tips we have learned about how to use it with groups big and small.  The six step process and facilitative leadership framework can be used by faculty, staff, sustainability officers, administrators, and students." 

    This workshop was developed by Penn State’s Sustainability Institute and presented in a variety of higher education venues including the 2015 Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference, where one participant, Bill Brown, University Director of Sustainability at Indiana University, deemed it the “best workshop I ever attended."

    This workshop will:

    • give an overview of the strategic rationale for sustainability planning, 
    • help attendees see the relevance to sustainability at their workplace, 
    • provide a means for strategy development and goal setting, and 
    • discuss a process for implementation, measurement, and tracking. 

    The approach: present sustainability as a strategic enabler that helps individual departments in an institution achieve their goals. 

    Presenters Jeremy Bean and Erik Foley will share a set of tools that they created and the facilitation techniques that have enabled them to help professionals from any area of higher education find the connection between their mission and sustainability. 

    The presenters will share the backstory of sustainability planning at Penn State, why the Sustainability Planning Guidebook was created, and the role it has played thus far. Participants will hear about what was learned along the way and the need for facilitative leadership.  Most importantly, participants will have the opportunity to consider how they can use the tools and resources for sustainability planning in their institution.

    The change we need is immense. We believe it can happen and this approach will help. Come learn how to facilitate enduring change. 


    • Jeremy Bean, Assistant Director of Sustainability Planning, Sustainability Institute
    • Erik Foley, Managing Director, Sustainability Institute 
    9AM-- Check-in opens with networking/ light breakfast. 

    10AM--Workshop begins.

    3PM--  Workshop concludes at 3pm.

      • 05 Feb 2016
      • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
      • Widener Commonwealth University Law School. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

      College and Community--Connecting on Climate

      Organizing Meeting on PERC  Program on Higher Education Community Outreach on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy 

      Given the enormity of ghg emissions reductions that are believed to be necessary to prevent dangerous climate change, the goal of this meeting is to develop a program on community outreach by higher education in Pennsylvania on climate change and sustainable energy. Topics discussed during the meeting will include:

      • A review of existing programs on community outreach on climate change and sustainable energy among PERC schools. 

      • Identify the kinds of programs that higher education could engage in that could be of value to local and county governments on climate change and sustainable energy.  These programs could, for instance, include::

      o Assistance with ghg inventories and strategies by local and county governments

      o Student engagement with local or county governments to determine what role students could play in moving toward sustainable energy/ 

      o Development of more sustainable regional and local  transportation programs

      o Mass purchases of efficient lighting and energy technologies 

      o Education programs for  citizens,  local, and regional  governments about leading local and regional government programs on climate change and sustainable energy around the world

      • Discussion of the PERC program on these issues.

      Please check back for more information. Registration will open in December 2015.

      • 01 Apr 2016
      • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
      • Chatham University, Pittsburgh

      2016 Student 

      Sustainability Symposium

      Join with other students from across the state: submit ideas for presentations, posters and roundtables--or just come to network and learn.  Watch this space for more details.

      • 04 Apr 2016
      • Harrisburg
      Meaningful Dialog on the Clean Power Plan

      If you are teaching a course in spring 2016 that includes content on climate change, climate policy, environmental policy and/or energy policy, you and your students are invited to participate in the PA Power Dialog in Harrisburg on April 4, 2016. The PA Power Dialog, which is being organized by the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium (PERC), will engage Pennsylvania college and university students in meaningful dialog with state regulators, legislators and peers about the Clean Power Plan and its implementation in Pennsylvania.

      Professors and other campus leaders can submit a request to participate in the PA Power Dialog.

      The program for the Dialog is still being developed, but will include a keynote talk by DEP Secretary John Quigley (confirmed), student panels in which students will share their work and viewpoints, small group roundtable discussions and opportunities for dialog. Topics for student panels will be decided in consultation with participating faculty.

      We will also provide opportunity for student organizations to participate and will provide more information about this option in coming days.

    Past events

    09 Oct 2015 "Building Bridges"--PERC Fall Conference w John Quigley keynote
    22 Sep 2015 September meeting: PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    16 Sep 2015 Partner Org Event: Living Product Expo discounted for PERC
    21 Aug 2015 PERC Executive Committee August 2015 meeting
    03 Aug 2015 Renewable Energy Solutions Workshop-Second Nature/ PERC event
    17 Jul 2015 PERC Executive Committee July 2015 meeting
    19 Jun 2015 PERC Executive Committee June 2015 meeting
    15 May 2015 PERC Executive Committee May 2015 meeting
    14 May 2015 Building Sustainability from the Inside Out
    29 Apr 2015 April call Food Donation 102-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    24 Apr 2015 PERC Executive Committee April 2015 meeting
    22 Apr 2015 Member School Event: Earth Day Keynote Horton/ Rosier and Stein
    27 Mar 2015 PERC 2015 Pennsylvania Student Sustainability Symposium
    25 Mar 2015 March call-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    20 Mar 2015 PERC Executive Committee March 2015 meeting
    20 Feb 2015 PERC Executive Committee February2015 meeting
    28 Jan 2015 January call-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    16 Jan 2015 PERC Executive Committee January 2015 meeting
    09 Jan 2015 Teaching About Climate Change at Susquehanna University
    18 Dec 2014 PERC Executive Committee's December 2014 meeting
    03 Dec 2014 December call-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    20 Nov 2014 PERC Executive Committee's November 2014 meeting
    12 Nov 2014 "Engaging Sustainability"--PERC Fall Conference
    21 Oct 2014 October 2014 call-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    16 Oct 2014 PERC Executive Committee's October 2014 meeting
    08 Oct 2014 Member School Event: Community Resiliency Summit
    20 Sep 2014 Member School Event: James Balog's "Chasing Ice" screening
    18 Sep 2014 PERC Executive Committee's September 2014 meeting
    15 Sep 2014 PHE-FRC/ US EPA Webinar-A conversation about composting in higher ed in PA
    03 Jul 2014 July call-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    05 Jun 2014 June call-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    21 May 2014 PERC Executive Committee's May 2014 meeting
    01 May 2014 May call-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    22 Apr 2014 Member School Event: Stacy Malkan: Not Just a Pretty Face
    17 Apr 2014 Member Event: Years of Living Dangerously screening @ Swarthmore
    17 Apr 2014 Affiliate School Event: Paige West on The Social World of Coffee
    16 Apr 2014 PERC Executive Committee's April 2014 meeting
    12 Apr 2014 Member School Event Earth Fest @ PSU Shenango
    10 Apr 2014 Member School Event--James Hansen at West Chester
    03 Apr 2014 April call-PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    02 Apr 2014 Member School Event: Michael Mann speaking at Shippensburg
    21 Mar 2014 PERC's 2014 Pennsylvania Student Sustainability Symposium
    19 Mar 2014 PERC Executive Committee's March 2014 meeting
    06 Mar 2014 March call PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge
    27 Feb 2014 Member School Event: PA Climate Change Policy Forum
    10 Jan 2014 PERC Member School Event: A Workshop for Teaching About Climate Change
    19 Dec 2013 PERC Executive Committee meeting
    17 Dec 2013 Monthly PA Higher Ed Food Recovery Challenge meeting
    05 Dec 2013 PERC Partner EPA's Webinar: Composting Strategies for Colleges and Universities
    25 Nov 2013 Session 5 One-on-One PHE-FRC Technical Support Meetings
    25 Nov 2013 Session 4 One-on-One PHE-FRC Technical Support Meetings
    21 Nov 2013 Session 3 One-on-One PHE-FRC Technical Support Meetings
    21 Nov 2013 PERC Executive Committee meeting
    21 Nov 2013 Session 2 One-on-One PHE-FRC Technical Support Meetings
    20 Nov 2013 PERC Partner Event: Greenbuild Nation in Philadelphia
    07 Nov 2013 Member School Event: Former NASA Scientist James Hansen to Present at Dickinson College
    07 Nov 2013 Member School Event: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars
    01 Nov 2013 Member School Event: Integrating Sustainability & Climate Change into General Education Programs
    29 Oct 2013 Annual Meeting: "Leading the Change"
    03 Oct 2013 MEMBER SCHOOL EVENT: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at F&M College
    27 Sep 2013 Member School Event: Marcellus Shale Development and Pennsylvania: What Lessons for Sustainable Energy
    29 Jul 2013 Partner Events: EnergyPath2013 –Free!
    28 Jul 2013 Chatham University's Summer Food, Farm & Field program
    20 Jul 2013 PERC Partner Event: Tour the State's Largest Solar Farm
    16 Jul 2013 Partner Event: Understanding Solar Project Planning, Financing, Contracts and Construction in Pennsylvania
    22 May 2013 PA Higher Ed Food Rec. Challenge-First online meeting
    17 May 2013 PERC Member Event: Second annual Loving the Land Through Working Forests Conference and Speaker
    30 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Lecture: Acting as if Tomorrow Matters: Climate Change Realities and Opportunities
    27 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Renewable Energy Workshop
    23 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Showing of "Burning in the Sun"
    23 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Speaker at Mercyhurst University: Rosalind Creasy
    22 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Free Screening of SWITCH
    22 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Community Forum: Erie’s Needs for a Healthy Built Environment
    22 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Majora Carter Talk
    22 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Earth Day Keynote Address Katherine Gajewski, Director of Sustainability for Philadelphia
    22 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Christopher Joyce Talk
    22 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Panel Discussion on Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale
    18 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: Annie Leonard is speaking at Franklin & Marshall College
    17 Apr 2013 PERC Member Event: A National Conversation on Democracy and Climate
    16 Apr 2013 PERC Member Evernt: Annie Leonard - The Story of Stuff, and Sustainability Week
    13 Apr 2013 "Decarbonization: A New Direction in Climate Change Policy"
    11 Apr 2013 Bill Mckibben: Front Line of the Climate Fight
    04 Apr 2013 Acting as if Tomorrow Matters: Climate Change Realities and Opportunities
    02 Apr 2013 Screening of "Black Gold"
    28 Mar 2013 Sustainability Symposium
    27 Mar 2013 David Orr: Designing Resilience in a Black Swan World
    02 Nov 2012 Annual Meeting: "Making Progress" PERC's Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Conference
    20 Oct 2012 Student Organized Event: 2nd Annual Student Environmental Retreat
    27 Sep 2012 PERC Member Event: Stewards of Sustainability
    14 Sep 2012 PERC Symposium: "Leveraging Strengths"--Town-Gown Sustainability Partnerships in Pennsylvania
    13 Sep 2012 STEM Engagement through Sustainability Education--a PERC Member School Event
    20 Aug 2012 Another chance to attend-PERC sponsor webinar: “Building Keystone Solar”
    26 Jul 2012 Second Chance-PERC sponsor webinar: “Building Keystone Solar”
    08 Jul 2012 "Food, Farm, and Field": PERC Member School Event at Chatham University
    27 Jun 2012 PERC sponsor webinar: “Building Keystone Solar”
    25 Jun 2012 PERC Partner Event: EnergyPath 2012. FREE- Member-Exclusive Scholarships
    30 Apr 2012 "Changing the Moral Climate on Climate Change" a PERC Member School Event
    23 Apr 2012 PERC Member School Mercyhurst's Earth Day Lecturer Lois Gibbs
    19 Apr 2012 Member School Event: Van Jones on Environment and Equity
    16 Apr 2012 PERC Member School Event E.O. Wilson at PSU
    11 Apr 2012 Member School Event: The Oberlin Project and the Development of a National Network of Similar Projects
    23 Mar 2012 PERC Webinar: Choosing Offsets
    11 Feb 2012 Member School Event-2012 Student Environmental Retreat
    10 Feb 2012 MEMBER School Event: Engaging Students by Integrating Sustainability into the Curriculum
    09 Feb 2012 MEMBER School Event: Leadership by Example: Campus-Community Collaboration on Sustainability & Climate Protection
    01 Dec 2011 PERC Partner Webinar: Cutting Edge Data Center Efficiency Solutions
    11 Nov 2011 PERC Fall Conf: "Sustainability Strategies for Hard Economic Times"
    14 Oct 2011 MEMBER school event on College Farms- Seeding the Future
    12 Oct 2011 PERC School Event: Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time
    08 Aug 2011 Member School Program: Climate Modeling and Data Tools Workshop
    28 Jun 2011 Member School program: Changing Planet Faculty Study Group
    27 Jun 2011 PERC Partner Event: EnergyPath 2011--PERC exclusive scholarships
    20 May 2011 Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy in Pennsylvania Higher-Ed.
    11 Apr 2011 PERC Webinar: Trains, (Bike) Lanes, and Automobiles: Sustainable Campus Transportation
    04 Apr 2011 C2C (Campus to Congress) EARTH weeks
    24 Mar 2011 Member Connection
    22 Mar 2011 PSUl Event Free to all: Four climate change & sustainably ethics events at Penn State, March 22-25
    10 Mar 2011 PERC Webinar: Greening the Grid Iron--and Any Other Sport
    18 Feb 2011 PERC Webinar: Perspectives On Cancun: A first hand look at COP16 from three PA faculty and a student who were there
    26 Jan 2011 "2011: Building the Path to Sustainability"
    20 Oct 2010 "Building a Sustainability Community in Pennsylvania" w/ Tony Cortese
    20 Sep 2010 Member-school event: Climate change impacts: beach & riparian

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