Affiliate2Member Incentive

Get Membership for the rest of this fiscal year for $100 when your school becomes a Member School for next year!

PERC Affiliate schools receive notice of PERC programs and events but don’t participate fully in the benefits of membership that dues-paying Member Schools receive.

Member School dues provide the cornerstone of PERC’s revenue base and are vital to the life of the organization.  There is a strong correlation between revenue and the major accomplishments PERC can claim this year.  In addition to the new web site and invigorated programming, PERC has developed partnerships to build campus sustainability in Pennsylvania with DCNR, C2C and SEF-- with more in development.

PERC Affiliate Schools Membership Incentive now in effect
The PERC membership year runs July 1st to June 30th.  From now through June 30, any school that commits to converting to a dues-paying Member School status for the upcoming fiscal year can make their Membership effective immediately for an extra $100.  That’s up to an extra four months of membership benefits (that apply to any staff member in your school) for only one hundred dollars in addition to next year's dues.

Full Membership status makes you eligible not only for special programs (the SEF scholarships-see below), but also for membership benefits including free registration to PERC events.  For example, the upcoming webinars on Greening Athletics and Greening Transportation as well the Climate Change Event on May 13th.  (See the PERC events section of the website.)  If your school sent only two people to just those three events, the cost would approach $800.  As a Member School with free registration privileges, a number of your staff could attend both the webinars and the conference.  Member Schools are discovering that having more people attend –at no additional cost (except perhaps the cost of meals)-- generates more momentum for sustainability on campus.

In addition to free registration for PERC events, becoming a PERC member makes sense for so many reasons.  For example, PERC is currently offering PERC-member-only scholarships to EnergyPath 2011, the Sustainable Energy Fund’s conference in June that features seminars and hands-on energy and policy “boot camps.”  With priority access to each scholarship valued at $1500, Shippensburg’s contingent of over twelve people is receiving scholarships worth more than $18,000.  And (as of May1st) there are still scholarships reserved exclusively for PERC Member Schools.

So commit to becoming a full Member School now –and make your membership effective immediately for $100 more.  Please contact Josh Hooper (contact information in the graphic below) with any questions about this incentive.


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